Our Revolution




 In February 2017, Matsuda, who ran men's bespoke, and Jay, a horsehide product lover, decided to launch their own luxury horse leather brand. After being founded, Jay, who is familiar with the experience and details of men's jackets and the leather manufacturing process, quickly started designing products and developing original leather, and the launch was smooth. However, because the double helix has a high fiber density of horse leather, the sewing machine and sewing skills used for sewing are also unique, and the production efficiency is not high, so it is difficult to meet a sewing factory that can manufacture products, and it has been going up and down repeatedly. rice field. Meanwhile, I had a wonderful encounter with craftsmen who make products of world-class brands in Japan. Blessed with that connection, we were able to have a production line dedicated to double helices, and now we are able to consistently carry out manufacturing and quality control specialized for our own planned products. And this alliance continues to evolve day by day.

 If you look at the double helix leather, even amateurs will be impressed by the uniqueness and variety of finishes of the finest leather. Even in an environment where the supply of horse leather is declining, we stock only high-quality leather and at the same time develop original leather. This is guaranteed by a long-standing partnership with domestic tanners. 

 Men's horse leather products, which have become unparalleled in terms of product perfection and quality, have been as popular as ever since their founding as a pioneer.

 We were established as a manufacturer of high-end horse leather products made by Horsehide. Based on the idea that everything from the purchase of materials such as leather, zippers, and fabrics to the production of products is done domestically, we are particular about the details of custom-made products. In addition, the products manufactured by skilled craftsmen in Japan have a unique texture and world view that combines delicacy and design.